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The head of the network of all other stunning websites, including SGAds, SGEntertainment, Netmate, Whatsnew

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SGEntertainment produces Music, Music Videos & Game-plays to our YouTube channel. SGEntertainment also allows users to upload their creations (for example, Short Films, Game-plays, etc.) to the channel as well as to the website.



SGAds allows users to create a fully customizable ads within less than 10 minutes in 3 easy steps. SGAds offers best in class services & experience to the users with customizable ads with 3 types of ads which are Text Ads, Image Ads & Video Ads.



Netmate is a social media which helps users to communicate with their friends and family without any restrictions of distance. It also provides access to webmasters/developers to integrate Netmate APIs to interact with Netmate users via their website.



Whatsnew is an E-commerce website which allows its users to buy everything from groceries to electronic devices. Get everything related to groceries, vegetables, apparels, electronics, foods, delivered at your home or pick your package from the seller.



SGHCL allows its users to host their websites with free & premium hosting features including PHP 7, MySQL, SSL on a Linux environment. Users can easily host their website using their own domain or by using a short sub-domain ".sghcl.ml".



SGSoft is SGNetworks in-house development department which creates native apps for SGNetworks and other clients on their request with a charge of development as per client's requirements. Users can also access SGSoft via its "SGSoft" app.